GenocideLogoThe Centennial Committee is raising funds to promote and commemorate the events and programs surrounding the 100th Anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

The money raised will help fund the educational and cultural events related to the Centennial Anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The funds will also help raise awareness about human rights issues across the world, promoting solidarity between different communities, countering genocide denial and ending the cycle of genocide.

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The Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee of Canada needs your support, to raise funds for the purpose of raising awareness through advertisement and PR campaigns.

Only 2 months ahead of the anniversary of the centennial, it is our time to act and to act fast. Our goal is to spread awarI’m eness about the Armenian Genocide in Greater Montreal, by having:

-Billboard Ads on highways
-Billboard Ads in Subway Stations
-Newspaper Ads
-Radio Ads

Join our campaign to break through the denial and together, let’s spread the truth!

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DonateNow_Small_Button2Le Comité Canadien du centenaire du Génocide Arménien sollicite votre support afin de lever les fonds nécessaires pour la campagne de sensibilisation au génocide Arménien.

Deux mois nous séparent de l’anniversaire du centenaire, donc c’est le temps d’agir rapidement. Notre but est de sensibiliser les résidents du Grand Montréal, en ayant :

-Des panneaux d’affichages sur les autoroutes.
-Des panneaux d’affichages dans les stations de métro .
-Des annonces dans les journaux .
-Des annonces à la radio.

Participez à notre campagne afin de briser le négationnisme, et propager la vérité ! 

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